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100% mobile-native and 100% cross-channel solution designed and built to look, feel and play just like the best mobile apps that everyone’s using on their smartphones and tablets every day. Consigning the LMS paradigm to history, Teach on Mars is the next-gen ecosystem which connects workplace learning with the mobile lifestyle of every individual learner.


Your learners demand the best and latest content. Teach on Mars has the answer. Build engaging bespoke content yourself or source it from one of our certified content partners using the Teach on Mars mobile-native Authoring Tool. Then combine it with external resources or the best mobile-native off-the-shelf content from our very own Marketplace, and even add in automatic content curation to roll-out a mobile content offer that really rocks.


A Teach on Mars Success Facilitator will be assigned to accompany you through every stage of your project, from deployment strategy construction through to content creation and downstream ROI reporting to your senior leadership. And our in-app Onboarding training program and mobile learning Fab Lab (Europe’s first) will make sure your teams get up to speed fast and generate maximum impact on the ground.



  • Newsfeed: multimedia articles, new learning content, images, videos, web-links. Everything that’s happening in your learning ecosystem in one easy-to-access place
  • Push Notifications: trainer-driven or automatically generated by algorithm.
  • Like, share, bookmark: social interaction functionality tp breathe viral life into your communication content.
  • Competitive Battles: see challenges sent to you by other members of the learner community.
  • Recommendation: learning activity suggestions custom-selected for the individual learner.


  • Quick Access: pick up where you left of with activities in progress.
  • Blended and Phygital: design compelling multi-mode learning architectures with our Live!Mode and learn-by-code content access control.
  • Shake’n’Learn: got 5 minutes? Let the app suggest a quick revision activity or learning game..
  • Microlearning: pace your own learning with short-form snackable content at intervals you define.
  • Categories: browsable overview of the full range of content available to you.


  • Activities and Learning Games: nearly 20 different learning activity formats – all of them fully customisable: courses, games, quizzes, quiz battles, interactive reference cards, surveys, role plays. Access compatible with beacons, QR code or voice command.
  • Badges and Leaderboards: motivate your learners to get involved and go the extra mile with a little friendly competition.
  • Live: a unique augmented classroom mode for Phygital Experiences that rock!
  • Forum & User-Generated Content: dedicated learner collaboration and co-working space for asking questions, sharing best practices or just shooting the breeze.
  • Next-gen Content integration: fluid, intuitive deployment of SCORM-compatible third-party web-based learning resources like AR, VR or video games to add texture to your learning experience.


  • Quick Search: the best way to go straight to the resource you’re looking for.
  • By Title, Topic or Keyword: easy multi-criteria natural language searching thanks to resource tagging
  • Training courses and Articles: search all learning content and communication articles with a single command. 


  • Personalisation: customise your avatar, update your personal data and preferences, define your push notification frequency.
  • Learner Stats: time spent, training courses completed, points scored for each individual learner.
  • Learner rewards: see at a glance the badges and certifications you can win in each training course.


  • Social Network Linking: link direct to the social media pages you want to recommend to your learners.
  • Complementary Functionality Integration: use Teach on Mars’ ultra-powerful API to build a fully connected ecosystem where your mobile app become the portal to a universe of development opportunities for your learners.
  • Add-ons: all the plug-ins and extras you could possibly want to enhance your app: discussion forum, electronic product catalog, product comparison applet, proprietary applications.


  • Administration: all the functions you need to manage your learners, managers, learning resources, languages, communications and notifications.
  • Access Rules: complete control over which learners see which content and when – distribute to all learners, sub-populations or even individuals.
  • Authoring Tool: Create, review and publish mobile-native content quickly and easily. So simple your Grandma could use it.
  • Advanced Analytics: comprehensive toolbox for monitoring, analysing and optimising the performance of your learning ecosystem.



Create your own content quickly and easily with our unique, mobile-native authoring tool. With optional assistance from Teach on Mars experts or outsourcing to one of our certified content partners.


The only mobile-native, off-the-shelf content marketplace in Europe. Loaded with more than 100 of the best-quality programmes out there, that you can add to your app in a couple of clicks thanks to our unique distribution model.


Integrate third-party content and web activities created using any authoring tool on the market. Cherry-pick the best of the best to build in exactly the experience you want, where you want it.


Fully embedded AI algorithm selects and delivers in real-time the best and most relevant resources from the web on the themes and topics that matter to your learners.


Mobile learning is about much more than just reworking old-school e-learning content so it fits a smartphone screen. The added value of Teach on Mars is that they understand that. (…). For us mobile learning was clearly the best option because the only device that all our beauty Advisors all over the world have with them all the time is their smartphone.


International Training Development Manager, CLARINS

The Teach on Mars solution is flexible and enables us to produce our own custom content independently or buy content off the shelf as and when we need it. The learning experience is entirely in tune with our needs, with all the features our modern learners expect, such as microlearning, gamification, quiz battles, social learning interactions.”

Marion ROUSO

VP, Digital Transformation and Employee Experience, Groupe BPCE